January 6, 2022

Twitter IMPLODES As Stock PLUMMETS & Joe Rogan Effect Brings MASSIVE Influx Of New Users!

TheQuartering [1/4/2021]

According to Insider:

Podcast mogul Joe Rogan announced on Sunday that he’s joining GETTR, a conservative alternative to Twitter with less stringent community standards on misinformation and a more narrow definition of hate speech.

In a statement to Insider, GETTR CEO Jason Miller linked Rogan’s arrival to a record setting six figure boost in new users the same day.

“More than 171,000 people signed up for GETTR after Joe Rogan announced he was joining our platform, making Sunday the biggest day for our platform since we launched on July 4,” Miller, a former Trump advisor, wrote in the email. “Like us, Joe knows that Big Tech censorship is only going to get worse and GETTR’s incredible growth is proof that people are waking up to this dangerous reality and are hungry for an alternative which protects freedom of expression.” 

Rogan’s debut on the self-described “free speech social media platform which fights cancel culture” comes on the heels of Twitter permanently suspending Republican Rep. Marjori Taylor Greene of Georgia for repeatedly violating the company’s COVID-19 misinformation policy.

The suspension only applies to Greene’s personal account, not her congressional one.

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