January 6, 2022

Santa Inc Star Sarah Silverman BLASTED By Pastor For OVER THE LINE Jokes About Christianity

TheQuartering [1/4/2021]

According to Forward:

What if Santa was a Jewish woman? That’s a question no one ever asked until “Santa, Inc.,” a new stop-animation show on HBOMax starring Seth Rogen as Santa and Sarah Silverman as an elf named Candy Smalls.

Of course, no one really needed to ask that question. And even “Santa Inc.” barely addresses it — the show is more concerned with unnecessary raunchy humor and claymation nudity while cramming in a truly impressive number of Holocaust jokes.

The plot is a bit hard to follow, thanks to the copious secondary storylines about casual sexual harassment and drugs and more sexual harassment, but it follows the goings-on at Santa Inc., the corporation that runs Christmas, which is staffed by reindeer and gingerbread men and anthropomorphized ornaments. Candy, Silverman’s character, is campaigning to be the next Santa. (One of the show’s more clever conceits is that each holiday is a competing company; at one point, Easter tries to poach Candy.)

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