September 29, 2021

Police, ESPN Employees & Medical Staff Set For The Great Resignation Over Joe Biden’s Mandate

MidWestly [9/29/2021]

Could this harm us all?

According to TheDailyCaller:

As Americans enjoy the fleeting days of summer, His Royal Majesty Joe Biden has handed down the White House’s latest decree. The administration is directing a body within the Labor Department to impose a vaccine mandate on tens of millions of American workers.

More specifically, the rule will conscript businesses with 100 or more employees to require that staff get inoculated for the coronavirus, or provide a negative test at least once a week. It’s one thing for a private business to require a vaccination, but it’s another can of worms when the government compels companies to police it, requires them to provide paid time off to staff to get it, and then reportedly, according to The Wall Street Journal, encourages workers to snitch on employers that fail to comply.

Ignoring the blatant executive overreach, small businesses will be left to deal with the fallout. But hey, as we heard in the press conference, Biden’s “patience is wearing thin.” Main Street and constitutional guardrails be damned.

The federal government generally defines a small business as an enterprise with fewer than 500 employees. That means the policy will ensnare a sizable chunk of the small business community. The edict is estimated to impact more than 80 million private sector workers.

Among the consequences, the de facto national vaccine mandate will exacerbate already serious staffing shortages. According to the latest government figures, a record 10.9 million jobs remain unfilled nationwide. While businesses may be enjoying healthy consumer demand as the economy emerges from the pandemic, many don’t have a sufficient number of workers to take advantage of it.

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