July 19, 2021

Joe Biden Vs Facebook Heats Up As The Blame Game Rages!

MidWestly [7/19/2021]

Joe Biden doing crazy things.

According to LouderWithCrowder:

Joe Biden has a free speech problem. His problem is that Americans have free speech. The American people are allowed to publically disagree with our government and it interferes with his party’s political agenda. In this specific instance, the issue is a personal medical decision our government demands us make for ourselves. You know the one. Rhymes with “Maxine.” I’ll circle back to that in a bit.

Over the past week, the Biden administration has called on Big Tech companies to do a better job punishing people who spread what they deem is “misinformation.” On top of that, the Biden administration has issued its full support of people being deplatformed FROM EVERY PLATFORM. On top of that, here’s Joe Biden claiming Facebook is killing people. Yes, killing people. It’s all Facebook’s fault.

Facebook responded by pointing out the billions of people who have gotten their shots because of information found on Facebook. That was the on-the-record response. Off the record, they were a lot saucier.

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