October 26, 2021

Joe Biden Goes Off The Rails & Stops All Appearances With Kamala Harris!

MidWestly [10/26/2021]

Biden can’t follow the rules.

According to LouderWithCrowder:

Joe Biden was allowed out in public again. This time, for a visit to New Jersey. His handlers had to tell Biden that he was going to hang out at Jon Bon Jovi’s house. Biden was confused why that was when he was always a Richie Sambora guy. But Joe just goes where they tell Joe to go.

I’m, of course, joking (I think). Though Biden did get confused with how words work. I think he meant “commuters” here. But it’s Joe Biden, so who the deuce knows? It is alleged this was to help sell his ginormous spending bill and instill confidence in the American people that he’s lucid.

I *think* he meant commuter, not that the story made any sense either way. It’s Joe Biden, though. He could have easily thought the computer from Star Wars who beeps a lot got into an argument with the computer that has a British accent while they were on the Acela.

And look, I acknowledge I’m just a small-town boy, born and raised in South Pettyvile. Even the most competent of public speakers can make a mistake. When a seventy-eight-year-old is publicly confused again and again and again and again and again, it throws up red flags. Especially when the old coot has the nuclear codes.

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