October 2, 2021

Joe Biden EMBARRASSED As 3.5 Trillion Dollar Spending Spree Derailing! Nancy Pelosi Fails!

MidWestly [10/1/2021]

Nancy Pelosi better get this together before it shames Biden.

According to CNN:

House Republicans who were previously planning to support the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill are now rethinking their votes after President Biden’s visit to the Hill today, saying it’s clear that the bill is linked to reconciliation, according to GOP sources.

“All bets are off,” said Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska, one of the few Republicans who publicly said he would back the bill.

Bacon said he is now rethinking his vote and has talked to several GOP colleagues during the last vote series who either have already switched from “yes” to “no” in their minds or are considering it.

Bacon, a member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, also said he talked to a moderate House Democrat who is furious with Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not keeping her promise to hold the infrastructure vote this week.

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