October 6, 2021

Joe Biden Deploys FBI Against Parents Concerned About CRT In Schools

MidWestly [10/5/2021]

The FBI is out to get you.

According to TheDailyMail:

The Justice Department has threatened to prosecute parents for protesting against woke public school boards in a shocking memorandum that some say is proof Biden’s administration is trying to outlaw any opinion that doesn’t match its own. 

In an announcement on Monday, the DoJ said it had engaged the FBI and local law enforcement to tackle the ‘disturbing trend’ of teachers being threatened or harassed. The order came from Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland.

While he doesn’t mention mask mandates, vaccine policies or CRT – the most widely contested issues in schools – he says the uptick has been in ‘recent months’, a time in which woke school boards across the country have seen furious parents protest their policies and teachers quit their jobs over them.

The order comes a week after the National School Boards Association wrote to Biden, asking him to protect them from angry parents. 

Many parents say Garland’s memo is an attempt by the government to outlaw opinions that don’t match its own liberal views. 

Furious Republicans on Tuesday are telling constituents to contact their offices if they are targeted by the laws. 

Florida Governor Ron de Santis fumed that Garland is ‘weaponizing’ the DoJ against parents.  

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