July 23, 2021

Joe Biden DEMOLISHES Cubans Hopes Of Safe Harbor

MidWestly [7/23/2021]

The Cubans are living in a communist paradise, obviously.

According to TheNewYorkPost:

President Biden is full of compassion for Hispanics fleeing their home countries — with one exception, that is: liberty-loving Cubans.

The president is abandoning practically all controls on the southern border. Despite mouthing the words “Do not come,” the White House has adopted policies that send a clear, contrary message: “Cross illegally, and you can stay.” At the same time, Biden is slamming the door on Cubans setting sail for Florida to escape a Communist dictatorship. These anti-Communists aren’t the kind of Hispanics whom Democrats like. 

Consider the damning contrast: Customs and Border Protection agents on the southern border are literally reaching out to help illegals wade across the Rio Grande. But under orders from Biden, the Coast Guard is capturing Cubans heading for America in dinghies and rickety rafts and depositing them back on their island’s totalitarian shores.  

Floridians with seaworthy craft are assembling flotillas to sail just outside the 3-mile mark around Cuba. But Homeland Security is warning that if they rescue Cuban defectors and bring them to America, they will face $250,000 fines and five years in prison. They should let their freedom-seeking brethren drown instead?

Apologists for this cruel policy have suggested that Team Biden wants to avoid a repeat of the Mariel boatlift of 1980, when more than 125,000 Cubans landed on US shores in five months. But even that figure pales in comparison with the influx Biden is allowing at the southern border. 

In the month of June alone, a staggering 188,000 illegal immigrants were counted by Border Patrol, in addition to the thousands who slipped through undetected. Biden’s planning to loosen southern border controls more, allowing single adults to remain, not just families and unaccompanied minors.

What could explain the indifference to Cubans? Possibly a political calculation. Most Cuban migrants who gain citizenship vote for Republicans. They have endured the horrors of socialism and have no appetite for the Democrats’ socialist rhetoric. Other Hispanic voters tend to support Democrats, according to Pew Research. The more of them who settle here, Dems calculate, the bigger the future Democratic electorate.

Yet Biden’s policy represents a rupture with Washington’s historic approach.

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