January 4, 2022

Instant Karma! SJW Patton Oswalt DESTROYED For Taking A Picture With Dave Chappelle & He MELTS DOWN!

TheQuartering [1/3/2022]

According to CNN:

Patton Oswalt shared a heartfelt letter on social media explaining his longtime friendship with fellow comic Dave Chappelle as controversy over Chappelle’s jokes about trans people in his last Netflix special has continued.It started with one post where Oswalt explained he performed a recent show with Chappelle, Oswalt took to social media with a note saying that Chappelle had texted him to come visit and do a guest set at the arena he was performing in next door. “Why not? I waved good-bye to this hell-year with a genius that I started comedy with 34 years ago. He works an arena like he’s talking to one person and charming their skin off. Anyway, I ended the year with a real friend and a deep laugh. can’t ask for much more,” Oswalt wrote.

After some backlash, Oswalt wrote a follow-up post, saying he’s been friends with Chappelle since they were teenagers and hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

“He’s a fellow comedian, the funniest I’ve ever met. I wanted to post a pic & an IG story about it — so I did. The friend is Dave Chappelle. Thirty four YEARS we’ve been friends,” he wrote. “We’ve done bad & good gigs, open mikes & TV tapings.”

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