July 26, 2021

Great News! Joe Biden Has Been Wiped But The Question Remains… 1 Ply Or 23Ply!

MidWestly [7/26/2021]

Did Biden just yell that out?

According to LouderWithCrowder:

People are waking up this morning to hashtag #MyButtsBeenWiped as a top ten trend on Twitter. If you were to guess that it involved Joe Biden, congratulations on coming to the same obvious conclusion I did! A clip of Joe Biden allegedly yelling “My butt’s been wiped” at reporters has been working its way around the interwebs.

It sounds like he says “my butt’s been wiped.” If this had been Donald Trump, that would be the end of the story for the mainstream media. If this had been Trump, the media would report Trump said “very fine people” wiped his butt. To be fair, IF it were Trump, he would only have the best people wiping his butt for him.

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