September 16, 2021

Gavin Newsom DEFEATS Recall Twitter Fears Larry Elder

MidWestly [9/16/2021]

Newsom is here to stay.

According to TheWashingtonPost:

California Gov. Gavin New­som (D) defeated a recall campaign against him Tuesday thanks to a large Democratic turnout and broad fears within the state over the surging coronavirus pandemic.

Newsom rodea large Democratic turnout, which he and his proxies worked on ensuring for months in this very blue state. Even more important were public fears over the new wave of coronavirus cases. He has been among the most aggressive governors in the nation in demanding vaccinations and mask-wearing, policies his Republican rivals opposed.

“We said yes to all those things we hold dear as Californians,” Newsom said Tuesday night. “We have so much more in common as a state and a nation than we give ourselves credit for.”

The Republican front-runner, conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder, conceded more than two hours after the polls closed, telling disappointed supporters, “Let’s be gracious in defeat.”

“We may have lost the battle but we are going to win the war,” Elder said, hinting at another run.

Newsom will stay in office for another year; he is expected to seek reelection in 2022.

The final resultsof the recall election may not be known for days, even though the ballot comprised just two questions. The first was whether New­som, elected with nearly 62 percent of the vote in 2018, should be removed from office a year early. If he had failed to gain 50 percent of the vote on that question, the candidate with the most votes seeking to replace him would have headed to the governor’s mansion. Forty-six people were on that list.

With an estimated about two-thirds of the vote counted, the “no” vote against realling Newsom was ahead by more than 28 percentage points.

Many of those votes were early mail-in ballots, which heavily favored Democrats. The day-of voting has yet to be fully counted, but the state’s traditional voting pattern appeared to be holding true, with more conservative inland residents favoring Newsom’s recall and voters on the more populated, liberal Pacific coast opposing it.

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