January 6, 2022

Ethan Klein Just Made Everything WORSE After Insulting Joe Rogan & Goes Full MELTDOWN On Twitter

TheQuartering [1/4/2021]

According to Dexerto:

Ethan Klein, of comedy duo H3H3, is not holding back his thoughts about podcast host and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, taking aim specifically at his opinions on health and wellness.

Joe Rogan has notably gone on the ‘Carnivore Diet,’ a regimen where he only eats meat and direct animal products like milk and eggs.

On top of that, Rogan is known for prioritizing his physical fitness. He’s often working out, lifting, and touting combat sports like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The JRE host has also made headlines for his response to the ongoing health crisis, claiming that he self-medicated with ivermectin after testing positive — a medicine that can be used to treat parasitic worms in both people and horses. The FDA has warned against using ivermectin to treat the virus.

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