July 26, 2021

Epic Backfire As Unhinged Fly Fishing Guide OWNED By Tucker Carlson

MidWestly [7/26/2021]

Tucker is getting physically attacked!

According to LouderWithCrowder:

I hate Nancy Pelosi. Joe Biden’s rapidly climbing the charts on my sh!tlist as well. If I saw either one of them at a store, I’d ignore them. Because I’m a well-adjusted individual. One who can shut off the internet on occasion. This chucklehead who confronted Tucker Carlson at a tackle shop is NOT a well-adjusted individual. He hates the way Tucker Carlson is allowed to go on TV and express an opinion that this chucklehead disagrees with. This leads him to believe Tucker Carlson is destroying America. Literally, with his two bare hands. Such is the mentality of the low-information left.

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