April 2, 2021

Democrats BUSTED Staging Pete Buttigieg Riding His Bike “To Work” Hilarious

MidWestly [4/2/2021]

He gets driven halfway before he gets on a bike, LOL

According to the Federalist:

If you ever wondered what would happen if that white, upper-class student body president, you know the one who used your student activity fees to pay for bike lanes on campus, were actually in charge of a federal bureaucracy, look no further than our Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

CNN reporter DJ Judd shared a video that appears to show a team of Secret Service agents unloading Buttigieg’s bike from the back of an SUV, then at least two SUVs following him as he mounts the bike and rides to the White House.

Presumably, the location where Buttigieg mounts the bike is closer to his destination than his house or his office at the Department of Transportation, which is about three miles from the White House.

Buttigieg has been sighted riding to and fro around the capital since he joined the Biden administration, and has received the expected fawning media coverage of it.

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