September 17, 2021

AOC Stole Her Dress Design & Begs Not To Be Taxed Like The “Rich”

MidWestly [9/16/2021]

AOC’s dress looks to be stolen.

According to LouderWithCrowder:

Popular social media influencer Rep. AOC stunned the world by showing up at the Met Gala in a “Tax the Rich” dress. Maybe not stunned “the world” as much as stunned people who are stunned by these things. The Met Gala is an elitist $30,000 a ticket “fundraiser.” Showing up in a dress that implied the guests at that “fundraiser” aren’t giving her enough of their money showed much bravery and such AOCness.

There was a controversy over how the social media influencer, who has a side hustle as a member of Congress, was able to attend a $30,000 “fundraiser” as a guest. Now there is new drama. Did the dress designer steal the logo from a single mother? Scroll through the photos of this Instagram post. Because it sure as sh*t looks that way. (h/t Barstool)

According to The Velvet Bandit, “all of my paste-ups are handpainted, and after my Tax the Rich I put up in Sausalito went viral on Tiktok, I began selling stickers and shirts. And low and behold, this dress bears the same likeness as my handwriting.” She also mentioned that she is a single mother and a lunch lady. In other words, she is a member of the working class. The same working-class AOC pretends she is a part of. Yes, even while strutting around a $30,000 a plate dinner.

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